Henry Kissinger

from america'd by Ben Sommer

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Henry Kissinger

He was a goose-stepping son of a fräulein
Until he hooked up with the third reich
Then he switched sides and became a GI
The doughboy of intelligentsiae
Lobbing pineapples and diatribes on the state

He was the flowering of evil genius
The ends achieved would justify to deceive us
Picking fights with slanty-eyed GI Joes
Communistas set to be overthrown
Brass-balled real politico on the make

Henry Kissinger was the president's messenger
Throwing his weight down every avenue
Henry the riddler was a five star semaphore
Riding to war on his republican mule

When he reached the inner circle of secrets
He betrayed his masonic allegience
Sticking pins in hoover's voodoo dolls
All the chicks were terribly enthralled
With his super-sized mystical balls on display

Henry Kissinger was a tight rope walker
Threading the needle between lies and truth
Heinrich the riddler was a statecraft conjurer
Casting his spells all over me and you

He wasn't fearful at all
Necessarily brash
With an ego the size of a whale

Don't underestimate the sins of your leaders
Or you'll be singing songs of slavery later


from america'd, released November 1, 2010
Amaris Carlson: oboe; Ben Sommer: classical guitar, electric bass, electric guitar, voice; George Arsenault: drums; Heather Zenobia: flute; Michelle Spinelli: clarinet; Robert Fant: horn




Ben Sommer Boston, Massachusetts

I am a composer, performer, and writer. I’m also a pent-up curmudgeon. I vent on political and economic matters in both my writing and my music. bensommer.com/bio

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